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kk体育(中国)责任有限公司|官网成立于 2007 年,注册资金 14605.5 万元,是由上海交通大学出资组建的高新技术企业,旗下拥有 1978 年创建的意大利RRRobotica 子公司,研发了多款智能工业化KK体育机器人。公司于 2009 年获得上海高新技术成果转化项目与科技部中小企业创新基金支持,于 2010 年成为“上海市专利试点企业”,2018 年成为上海市小巨人工程(培育)企业、上海市专精特新企业,2021年成为国家级专精特新“小巨人”企业。至 2021 年,公司已获得 33 项有效专利、17 项商标以及 26 项软件著作权。
KK体育机器人提供机器人本体和智能制造解决方案等技术服务。公司为全球各行业客户成功提供了超 26000 台机器人,超 2000 种的工业应用,满足了众多行业的不同需求。除了已经广泛适配的传统工业场景,例如:汽车、3C、金属加工、包装物流等,KK体育机器人还逐步进入一些新领域,包括医疗、半导体、KK体育源、光伏、锂电新零售等等。
KK体育将持续聚焦客户需求的挑战和压力,积极投入研发,提供有竞争力的智能工业机器人和机器人 + 生态产品,持续为客户创造最大的价值,成为值得信赖的智能机器人领军企业!

TURIN robot, to promote the spirit of industry, we take the quality of the products as the foundation. TURIN industrial robots have been proven to have great potential in manufacturing maximizing the efficiency of industrial production. Our robots are managed digitally. 
Digital is the symbol of the future, and it is also the direction we are moving towards. And we are working hard to enhance the TURIN robot control system, so that it can be used more easily and efficiently by all our customers. Of course, the TURIN robot’s technology has also been universally recognized by its peers. We have chosen to install a fixed base on the bottom of the TURIN robot in order to give it better stability, which will make the robot safer to work with. And of course, this is will also allow the robot to change its working position and move freely between robots up and down in height. 
What makes the TURIN robot a trusted working partner is actually the sensing device on themachine. High precision sensors allow each TURIN robot to work more accurately and intelligently. And with our six-aixs rotation design, TURIN robots are more flexible and convenient to work with. You may come across TURIN robots in the future no matter where in the world youare. And if you can visit our factory and get the most intuitive feeling about TURIN robots: The engineers here check every day that machines are working well. And you can ask them directly how each machine works and know every complex action of the machines. All staff at TURIN Robotics look forward to keeping in touch with all those who are interested in the development of industrial robots. 
We look forward to working with you wherever you are in the world, and will provide you with the utmost peace of mind and comprehensive service wherever you need TURIN robot.



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